GlobalMaxis broker review

GlobalMaxis broker review


Recently one of the blog readers reproached me for the fact that there are few brokers with whom I cooperate and whom I can recommend. Yes, perhaps I am conservative in this case, as I firmly know the rule – an old friend is better than a new two -). Our topic today will be the analysis of the GlobalMaxis broker.

But I am correcting myself and considering companies with which I can work and earn money! And today I represent the broker GlobalMaxis, which in my opinion, at least deserves the attention of traders. In this article we will consider the trading conditions of the broker, the platform GlobalMaxis and of course there will be reviews of those who have already worked with this company…

GlobalMaxis Broker

GlobalMaxis broker that provides a fairly high quality and fast trading platform, a demo account (with $5,000 registration), social trading and convenient trading conditions for traders.

In fact, whether a company has been working in the field of GlobalMaxis broker options for a long time or not does not matter, what matters is the broker’s honesty with regard to trading conditions and clients, traders. Doesn’t it?

You can register in the usual way by entering an email and password, or you can use social networks such as Google+ or Facebook. By the way, it is very convenient – demo account can be used without registration at all!

Trading Terms GlobalMaxis

The broker offers trading for the following assets:

  1. Currency pairs. You can choose both with direct quotes and with OTC;
  2. Crypt Currency. Over 40 types from Bitcoin to Zcash;
  3. Commodities. There are few of them, only four: Gold, Silver, UKBrent, USCrude;
  4. Promotions. There are also about 40 species, but almost all OTC.

Option payout percentages range from 41 to 97%, depending on asset types and market conditions. Which, in principle, you will find at any broker…

In addition, the broker provides traders with free services such as market reviews, minimum trading instruction, trading strategies and social trading, where you can copy the trades of the most successful traders.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

The minimum deposit you can make for trading on a brokerage platform is only $50. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Instant crediting, withdrawal of funds is considered in the order of turn, up to 3 days.

Ways to deposit and withdraw funds GlobalMaxis a huge amount! From Skrill, bank cards, to mobile payments from major operators and top-ups via terminals.

You will receive a bonus when you replenish. Yes, bonuses already have a sad fame, but the difference between bonuses at GlobalMaxis broker is that you can refuse it at any time without losing anything!

I mean, it also shows the honesty of a broker. After all, the main purpose of the bonus is to help the trader to make a bigger turnover than he could do with the help of his single deposit.

Therefore, if the trader makes a turnover specified in the conditions, the bonus is credited to the deposit, but if not, the trader rejects it and the bonus is simply written off the account, which does not prevent the withdrawal of funds.

GlobalMaxis trading platform

Pretty handy brokerage platform is available online on the broker’s website, as well as for PC and mobile on Androin and IOS.

As I said, the platform is really comfortable! You can easily customize both the chart type (candles, bars, line, area) and timeframe. By the way, the TF can be selected from 5 seconds to 1 day!

In addition, the platform can be configured, all the necessary buttons are always in front of your eyes.

That is, you can set up a chart, the location of the trading panel and the buttons on it by a couple of clicks. On the panel itself, just by clicking on + or – you can change the TF and the amount of the deal.

What is interesting is that there are even pending deals like pending orders on Forex! That is, it is possible to set up transactions so that they open when a certain price (strike) is reached.

There are built-in indicators in the platform, which can be applied to the chart for strategy building. This:

  1. Moving Average MA. Practically all trend strategies are based on this indicator;
  2. Bollinger lines.
  3. Alligator indicator
  4. RSI (Relative Strength Index).
  5. Fractal .
  6. Parabolic SAR
  7. Awesome Oscillator. An indicator that perfectly shows divergences in the market.
  8. MACD oscillator
  9. Stochastic. Stochastic Oscillator is a very popular indicator among traders.
  10. ADX. Indicator used infrequently.

Yes, if you study the work of the indicators by clicking on the links, you can easily build strategies directly on the GlobalMaxis platform without using the MT4 terminal.


Chace Hoover
started looking for feedback on Global Maxis and found this article. Anyway, I tried it on a demo first. Sounds like nothing. Now I'm trading with one of your real-life strategies. One thing's confusing - option payouts are jumping. And so everything is perfect!

Keiren Rodriguez
The mute is confused by the fact that most of the offered instruments are OTC, both on weekends and weekdays. You have a negative evaluation article about it. I don't know if it has anything to do with it (at least, I haven't seen it anywhere before), but periodically there are very sharp price hikes (you can see it on any chart), and then the deals opened at that time are cancelled. Support team, when asked about the reason for the cancellation answers: - "The fact that all information on quotes to us comes from liquidity providers. Accordingly, if the Provider disables the asset, we stop receiving the information. In this case, we can not affect the situation and simply cancel the transaction with the return of funds to the client".

Gregor Delaney
I liked the broker, probably the best I ever traded with. At first I didn't understand why they have such big payouts, but then by trading I noticed that they don't have such a notion as a payback if your trade was closed in a pip, for those who trade turbo options for 1 minute may find it a big problem, but since I trade on m5+ it doesn't make me any nerves. The support team is friendly, tried to help me with my questions every time. When I was trading, I took a 100% bonus by investing $200, the account turned out to be $400, I earned $580 and decided to give up the bonus, to my surprise they didn't split this amount in half, but simply cancelled $200 which they gave me when I made the deposit. The withdrawal amount remained at $380 with kopecks. I put them on the withdrawal, two days of waiting, my request was canceled by the manager, so I was alerted, because the verification I passed completely and everything was confirmed, I contacted support, I was asked to send my photo, with a passport in hand and a note, with the current calendar date, assuring me that this procedure is only on the first withdrawal, and then it will not be required, I did everything, put the money again on the withdrawal, waited 3 days, my application, and hung ... I asked the support team again to speed up this process, I went to a meeting, in 5 minutes after my request the money was already on my card) in general, I have only positive emotions from my trading with pokkets and I have no complaints. They say that they had problems with the quotes provider (I didn't find it myself), having changed the providers everything was fine, I didn't notice any strong differences from the chart on mt4.

Gus Mason
Never had a problem with GlobalMaxis. I recently leaked the deposit, but it was my own fault, I freaked out and deleted my account. After a while I opened a new account and funded it with a promotional code +50% to the deposit (cushion), which also gives a cacheback of 10% of the deposit. I have replenished and trade slowly. Everyone profit!

Nikola Bishop
They have a really good demo! And they get it out fast, no matter what they write.