Bithoven review – telling the real truth

Bithoven review – telling the real truth


Bithoven has managed to catch the attention of millions of traders. Despite the fact of being the rapidly growing cryptocurrency trading platform, the majority of the traders still think that the platform itself is a scam. Hopefully, Bithoven review, crafted for the purpose of helping you avoid facing problems, will be worth reading.

Talking About the Advantages

Surprisingly, Bithoven, as a brand new broker entering the market, doesn’t want its users to spend their fortune. According to the officially published list of fees, charging all the customers while trading and withdrawing money off the platform, the company doesn’t have the minimum deposit. It surely improves their reputation and negatively affects Bithoven rating too.

A high volume of the activity in the market makes the trading experience enjoyable. Most of the times, users have to wait at least for a couple of minutes to have the orders fulfilled. Bithoven tends to offer high liquidity, that definitely is a key defining factor for operating the successful trading platform.

Currently, they’re running a worldwide campaign, offering 100 DOGEcoin to every verified user, completing the registration form. Go ahead and visit the website, if you want to grab an opportunity, because there’s a limited quantity of the digital currency.

One of the most effective ways of identifying possible scam is to evaluate customer support. That was the first thing we tested out. We got an automated reply, telling us to have the questions answered through the email. Fortunately, in a matter of minutes, actual human beings entered the chat and gave us a hand.

Is Bithoven Scam? Things That You Should Know

According to their Terms of Use guideline, users have to agree to pay the fees for the purpose of having the trades executed onto facilities of the currency trading platform. Bithoven offers close to zero transparency, leading to being a so-called possible scam. Additionally, having a fixed trading commission set to 0.1% questions the reputation of the company, claiming to offer the best experience to the traders.

We also have to mention the fact that the above-described cryptocurrency trading platform doesn’t offer stability in the terms of having a highly-secured as well as a well-operated wallet and market status. Usually deposits, traders and withdrawals are limited, depending on what digital currency you are trading with. Network constantly facing technical issues on a day to basis surely decreases the chances of being profitable.

Additionally, even verified users cannot properly withdraw collected money from the account balance. So, there’s a chance of having the profits locked into the system. We did try our best to identify what the problem was, but miserably nobody answered our question. Having the network overload issue can lead to losing the cryptocurrency. As well as, having no reviews listed onto the website, increases the probability of having the nonefficient trading environment and refers to dealing with Bithoven fraud too.

After checking out the ‘About us” page, we could not find who the founders of the company were. Commonly, all the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms mention entire team, member by member, in order to have a clear understanding of the company. However, hiding its staff clearly has no explanation in terms of trusting the trading platform.

Usually, the majority of certified companies have a physical address registered in order to avoid answering questions furthermore. However, this particular exchange platform does not disclose its location. In case facing any issues and having the need of meeting them, there’s no chance of finding them. If the user loses millions of dollars in digital assets, there’s no one to sue, leading to being in the toughest financial condition.


After hours of sleepless nights, reading hundreds of Bithoven reviews and tedious work, we’ve managed to properly research the firm, claiming to be the most-secured and high-tech currency trading platform. Disclosing some of the crucial characteristics of the company, such as not being transparent enough, hiding legal information and many more makes us think that the platform is a scam. Nevertheless, it is up to you to make the final decision of joining the platform, but remember that the chances of having the investments stolen are high.


Beatrice Erlandsen
People don't fall for it and pay nothing more to those burglars.

Suelen Silveira
They do not stop phoning you looking to get more funds , to trade higher

Eduardo Peck
Nasty Guys with real bad Karma if they are ripping off people who are retired or in hopes of gains to live on.

Sofia Oja
May they sink soon.!!!!