Ainvestments Review

Ainvestments Review


If you are looking for a Forex broker you can trust that this review is exactly what you want to read. On our website, we try to review every single broker we come across, but naturally, some of them manage to either avoid our radar or just don’t need a review judging from their size. We try to focus on the less popular platforms that are either new or small. This Ainvestments review is exactly what our website is about. Not only do we try to bring you information about the market, but we also deliver you information about the predators you may find on said market.

We cannot avoid this part. We believe that it is our obligation to always tell you about the essentials of researching brokers. Even though we try to say it in every review we make, we still can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you follow these instructions. First things first you need to start with first impressions. Generally, those impressions come from the website, where you can see how much the broker might have invested in the platform.

Ainvestments Forex broker website

When we visited the website it actually seemed extremely familiar. It didn’t take us too long to notice that the template this broker was using was identical to our Ainvesting review. We don’t want to start pointing fingers just yet so let us just go with the flow. The website seems well developed, it looks like the company took some time and money in order to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Unfortunately, however, we need to say that hiding all the features in a single menu that is not obvious for many visitors is a bad move in terms of design. Plus, it was quite hard to find information about their regulators.

Ainvestments regulators & license

We can’t emphasize enough how important this part is. This pretty much determines absolutely everything about the broker. If the broker does not have to license from anyone then it is 100% likely that they are a scam. If a regulatory body doesn’t issue a license or the broker doesn’t even bother getting one then you shouldn’t even consider spending your time an money on them.

In Ainvestments case they are operating within international regulatory standards with ESOS International Ltd. Actually, nothing is mentioned about their legit regulators all they mention is that they are working with the above-mentioned company. The company itself is located in the Marshall Islands but Ainvestments clone that we already showed you, Ainvesting is located in Bulgaria, giving us reason to believe that Ainvestments is also located in Bulgaria, therefore giving them absolutely no leverage to mention the Marshall Islands. By this point, we had already been convinced of the Ainvestments scam, but still decided to continue with the research.

Ainvetsments Account Types

While looking at the account types, they had exactly similar policies as at, but still, let us talk about them briefly. What we have to say is that the Account Types by themselves are pretty good. They are not too unfair and offer quite a lot of variety in them actually. All of the accounts have pretty much the same features and aren’t too expensive.

However, we have to mention the biggest gripe in the accounts and we’ve mentioned this in the other review as well. The fact that the minimum deposit account is deprived of the education feature is heartbreaking. The system was going so good that had we not reviewed Ainvesting, in the beginning, we would have thought that this was a legit good broker.

When a broker is depriving a beginner’s account of educational material, you immediately get the feeling that they don’t set you up to succeed. In most cases, they just make sure you deposit the minimum and regularly just leave you to it. That’s the best case scenario, the worst case scenario you should have guessed already, you immediately lose all that you deposit and Ainvestments fraud is exactly what will happen to you.

Ainvestments Withdrawal

Their Withdrawal services are exactly like Ainvesting as well. They feature absolutely no fees on deposits and withdrawals which is a feature pretty much every forex trades is dreaming about. However, as you can see the way this review has been going, you may not get any of your profits or even your initial deposit back.

However, we do recommend other brokers to take into account that no deposit and withdrawal fees are one of the best features they could have. Had we not seen the rest what this broker was about, we would have been immensely impressed by this feature alone.

Trading assets

The number of trading assets on the platform is quite high. You can pretty much trade anything your heart desires, but if you are a modern trader who wants to have the most diverse and profitable portfolio you will be quite distraught to find out that the broker doesn’t feature cryptocurrencies.

At this point we always expect brokers to have cryptocurrencies on their platforms, not having them has turned into an unforgivable sin by now. It only indicates that the broker is not very caring about their customer’s needs.

Ainvesmtents Review summary

Ainvestments is clearly a scam, we don’t really need to emphasize more about it. It was hidden quite well under a rug of transparency and good deals, but ultimately the controversy with Ainvesting and the secrecy with their regulators has ultimately made us believe that this broker is not to be trusted.

Ainvestments FX brokerage should be a reminder to everybody looking for a new broker. They can be anywhere and they can be hiding under any mesmerizing customer deals. Never forget to give it a second thought, because you will surely get scammed if you dont.


Duane Moreno
Do not push your luck with this company as they have been put up on several international financial blacklist.

Oona Hanka
Their service is appalling, it is one of the worst brokers that I have hired in my life and I recommend that they never use it.

Oliver Mattila
This company stole a lot of money and I still haven’t got it back. They should be careful with this broker because they just want to steal as much money as possible and don’t care about their customers.

Peyton Morris
Among the advantages that this broker has is that it offers considerably high leverage rates and also works with multiple currencies, this generates a bit of variety when trading, I want to try this website and from what I have seen, it is acceptable to perform operations in The forex market.

Laura Jensen
you are stupid I said that could you please return the fund now. don’t want to be associated with this.