Ainvesting Review

Ainvesting Review


Forex broker reviews can be quite a difficult task if you are undertaking it on your own and for the first time. For a long time, reviews like these were very hard to find. Sometimes even the brokers themselves would create websites and start reviewing themselves exclusively, trying to create an illusion that there were people paying attention to them and praising them. In our Ainvestin review, you will find out all of the essential information about the broker that will help you decide whether or not you want to try your luck and go for them.

Not only will this review give you information about an individual broker, but it can also act as a comparison for any other brokers you may encounter and would wish to give a quick look. Essentially we will be listing all of the aspects that demand your attention when you’re trying to figure out a new broker’s intentions, let us begin.

Can Ainvesting be trusted?

One of the most important things you can do when visiting a website of a new Forex broker is to get in a skeptical mindset. Essentially you need to already believe that they are a scam and try to convince yourself otherwise by reading through their information. We tried this method and went on with it. One of our key points is always first impressions, how the homepage looks and what type of vibes it gives out. Ainvesting initially gave us a warm welcome with a nice website design with great user-friendly devices. Unfortunately, however, we have mentioned this before that an Ainvesting scam couldn’t escape from us just by providing us with a good homepage to look at. Pay attention to first impressions but don’t make them be the deciding factor of your opinion.

However, you may see that there are no clear directories for a user to go looking into the company’s background and information. The fact that a forex broker is not disclosing the information about their regulators and their field of operations, is always what tickles our scam sensors. The only navigation system is the menu bar right next to the “Register” button which unfolds all the directories of the website.

Unfortunately, however, we couldn’t find any information about a regulator until we had to scroll way down on the webpage as a last resort. there we found out that Ainvesting is regulated by the BFSC (Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission). Even though some may think that a license prevents Ainvesting fraud from happening, it is still a possibility. Many brokers resort to these tricks, by being transparent enough for the regulator, but will ultimately be scamming their customers.

Ainvesting Concerns

What’s more concerning is that, when trying to open an account in order to review the broker more thoroughly, we found out that they have a country filter, restricting some of the countries that potential customers could apply from. This immediately calls for a scam alert, because of the fact that focusing on a local, rather than a global market is a lot easier way to scam your customers.

Imagine. The broker is from Bulgaria, therefore it is aware of the Bulgarian and EU laws where it brings in most of its customer base. By being aware of the laws it can find or even create loopholes in the justice system it can exploit. Nearly every trader we have reviewed so far had a global service platform, even the scammers, this is truly a first-hand experience.

Ainvesting Account Types

One thing we can say about Ainvesting is that they do indeed offer a more balanced sheet of Account types. we were able to review them in the disclosed information they had on their webpage and found out that pretty much every account type has the same features. Besides the beginner’s account, where we actually found ourselves confused.

Standard accounts are basically tailored for beginners on the platform, therefore they need to include as many educational features as possible. Ainvesting does feature courses on this account, but all the personalized training is confined to more expensive account types. Ainvesting Forex Broker immediately lost our trust after seeing this. Almost every reliable broker features an in-depth tutorial and guide to the market in their beginner accounts. But in Ainvesting’s case, it’s just a tool to lure in new people and not waste any resources on them.

Ainvesting Withdrawal system

The withdrawal system is quite good for the platform. It says on their webpage that no withdrawals or deposits will be subjected to any kind of fees. The time which customers have to wait to receive their funds is unknown, unfortunately. But what’s the worst thing about it is that your withdrawal request may be subject to demands of additional information, such as your Government Issued Id/Passport and Proof of Address. This has been the case of many scammers in the past so we suggest being careful with this.

Ainvesting Trading Platforms

Ainvesting Web Trader and their apps are the platforms that will be available to you should you start trading with them. It is nice to see the diversity in choice, but it is still quite disappointing that they are not featuring any Meta Trader or cTrader applications.

Ainvesting Review summary

In conclusion, Ainvesting was a very well tucked away scam. They were hiding under quite a large variety of transparency and we have to admit that finding information about their services was quite easy. However, the restriction of countries they have on they platform raises some alarms, the possibility of their scam increases sp much because of this, that we cannot recommend you start trading with them. If they are operating only with the jurisdiction of Bulgaria, then you may find yourself helpless within laws you cannot understand.

Stay vigilant in the future, so as not to get scammed by these types of well-disguised brokers. Good luck in your trading and stay safe.


Anaëlle Da Silva
Theives theives theives and scumbags i will shut them down wankers

Manuel Soler
They will not stop at anything to releave you of your hard earned and in my opinion are the scum of the earth.

Ruben Pastor
Let us join forces to shut them down

Otto Makinen
brokerz stole all my money . a scam company . i am very disappointed with them , i lost a lot of my hard earned money with them .

Silke Kristensen
They're a scam, get in contact with your bank, and provide them with as much evidence as you can (emails, etc). Your bank will have to raise a dispute, you WILL get your money back. I feel so sad hearing your story, their time will come.

Joanne Johnston
After two months of fighting against these these thieves, I am pleased to say I got all my money back. My advice (for anyone who has lost their money to this scum), contact your bank and they will have to raise a dispute. Send as much evidence as possible, but particularly and communication you have with them via email. If you can sho your bank they they have told you that they are dealing with you request, then when looked into, your money will be refunded. Also send them the terms and conditions on the brokerz website, which clearly states that you can withdraw your deposit. Keep sending them emails (to the compliance and the so called financial advisor), this is all evidence that they are ignoring, and breaking the terms set. Finally be aware that these idiots tend to send you junk emails, knowing that these delete after a period of time. Please stay persistent. I have my money, and now I am still trying to bring this evil scum to justice!

Rudi Pitz
I urge anybody that is reading this to steer clear of this company as they have no morals and do not care about how they obtain their money or yours i can only describe them as a bunch of fuckers and i will make it my mission to get them blacklisted from the UK